Join us for the 2013 Recruiter Summit.  

Due to an overload of data, recruiting has become highly requisition focused, instead of what it should be—relationship focused. 

Gild’s 2013 Recruiter Summit, taking place September 15-18, will help participants become more relationship focused, and transform them from recruiters into strategic hiring architects, capable of influencing and leading the entire recruiting lifecycle.  

You'll learn candidate assessment and evaluation techniques, how to craft your company's value proposition statement, negotiation and closing skills, and more.

You’ll receive personalized assessments and have the opportunity to learn from an unparalleled group of industry experts from Facebook, Nike, Informatica, Square, and Red Hat, among others.

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2013 Recruiter Summit

Presented by Gild

September 15–18, 2013
MacArthur Place, Sonoma, CA

Price: $2,995

Speakers include:

Chris Barez-Brown: As a motivational speaker and author, Chris has spent 15 years extricating the unrealized visions of companies looking for growth strategies. Chris will hold a session on how to bring energy and creativity to your role as recruiter.

Molly Fletcher: Nicknamed “the female Jerry Maguire” Molly has worked with hundreds of top athletes, coaches and media personalities in her career as a sports agent. Learn from Molly how to acquire relationship selling skills and about the art of the deal.

Dan Holland: A clinical psychologist with over 20 years of consulting experience, Dan specializes in leadership and organizational development. Dan will be holding a session on candidate evaluation and how to assess candidate motivation.

Kelly Studer: With over 12 years of recruitment and leadership experience, Kelly coaches professionals on developing their personal brand and career path. Learn negotiation techniques from Kelly and how to overcome objections.


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  • Talent Acquisition leaders and full life-cycle recruiters with 2 or more years of experience 
  • No contract or agency employees 
  • Limited to 1 Talent Acquisition leader and 1 high-potential recruiter per company 

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Join us for the 2013 Recruiter Summit